• AZ ROC#288948    ID #RCE-60324
  • CA SCL #747561
  • NV SCL #0075528
  • WA LIC #RMCFAFS841KO    UT LIC #12339190-5501

Financial Institution – Rudy Peterson Center

This facility is a tier 3 secure 24/7 operation building for one of our financial center clients. RMC Facilities Services was contracted to complete a full renovation of all 6 restrooms on the first floor, reline the existing failed cast iron sewer lines and update the plumbing in 3 breakrooms. This project was done on an expedited schedule to reopen the building as quickly as possible. Our teams worked overtime to excavate access points inside the building, fully demo and renovate all restrooms while protecting existing facilities, fixtures, and equipment.

Financial Institution
Plumbing Re-piping

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